Warehouse automation for increased performance and efficiency

Maximizing performance and efficiency through automated warehousing

Increased performance, process reliability, cost efficiency and increased resource independence are some of the key reasons to invest in warehouse automation. Automated warehousing is the only way to achieve the required performance in order processing in the age of Industry 4.0 and e-commerce. Customers expect shorter delivery times and high delivery quality, which can only be achieved through automation. In rare cases, manual implementation is still possible. However, as companies grow and order volumes increase, conventional warehouse logistics systems have limitations, and staff shortage becomes an issue.

Automated warehousing is the only way to achieve the required performance in order processing in the age of Industry 4.0 and e-commerce.

Consistent Performance through Automated Warehouse Technology

Automated warehousing, on the other hand, enables maximum performance and process reliability even when running 24/7. It guarantees consistency in material flow, reduces errors, and lowers logistics costs in the medium to long term. Automated storage and retrieval systemsbuffer goods in a compact manner and utilise the available space volume optimally, leading to reduced goods damage and accidents caused by heavy forklift traffic.

Ensures 24/7 performance and reliability
Reduces errors and logistics costs
Maintains consistent material flow
Optimizes space and improves safety

Designing and controlling operations through warehouse automation to meet demand

Warehouse automation is most effective when system components take over labor-intensive, repetitive tasks. These include conveyor systems, stacker cranes, shuttles, electric monorail systems, autonomous automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and pick-and-place robots. The automation system should ideally interact in a software-controlled network and represent the "goods-to-person" principle.

In addition, warehouse automation in conjunction with a powerful Warehouse Management System (WMS) and a Material Flow Computer (MFC), makes it possible to implement intelligent warehouse strategies that further accelerate the presentation of requested goods. At the same time, the system performance can be adapted to meet the current daily demand. After all, peak performance is not always required at all times. Additionally, the possibility of compact and high-density storage also saves energy and associated costs.

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