Industry specific intralogistics

The industry has numerous tasks to master at the same time. This goes far beyond actual product development, manufacturing and marketing. Perfectly optimised Intralogistics for industry is also an important cog in the proverbial wheel. Do you want to upgrade your supply and disposal processes and make them more efficient? Automation is the key lever here.
Staff shortages, increasing variant diversity, individualization down to batch size 1, the demand for ever shorter delivery times and constant space and cost pressures have long been a headache for industry. In addition, there are currently impairments in the global supply chains. As a result, compact solutions that ensure fast, error-free and efficient replenishment are increasingly in demand. Optimally adapted Industry specific intralogistics are indispensable for this today. At the same time, the switch to largely resource-independent intralogistics is becoming increasingly important in order to remain responsive at all times.
Volume DIVE

The fully automated storage and picking system for maximum performance.

Volume DIVE marks a new era of storage and picking at container level and makes your industry specific intralogistics fit for the digitalized and automated Industry 4.0.

Additional benefits
Volume WAVE

The lightning-fast, ultra-compact pallet shuttle storage and retrieval system.

Volume WAVE combines the compactness of channel storage systems with the flexibility of shuttle storage systems and ensures rapid provision of components and parts in the production environment.

Additional benefits