same space

Ultracompact shuttle
warehouse for pallets with
instant access to any
storage place


Volume’s warehouses have no aisles between the pallet rows and therefore have 30 to 40% better space utilization compared with traditional automated warehouses with stacker cranes. Our unique solution provides space utilization ratio comparable with channel warehouses.

Though there are no gangways, the Volume warehouses – unlike the channel warehouses – provide instant access to any article at any time. This is realized by moving cars on which the pallets are placed. To provide access to a specific storage cell, cars with pallets that block access for the shuttle are pushed or pulled aside.

All parameters of the Volume warehouses are scalable. The warehouse size can be extended any time, matching the size and growth of your company. By installing additional lifts or shuttles, the throughput may be increased gradually allowing a complete flexibility in the speed of operation.

By the standard layout with one shuttle per level a throughput of over 100 units per hour is achieved.

All drives, lifts, shuttles and docking stations have an energy recuperation system to maximize the energy efficiency of the warehouse.

Though there are no gangways between the rows, all cells are accessible for the service staff to perform scheduled maintenance works.

Intelligent anti-collision sensors of shuttles and docking stations monitor the environment while fulfilling orders to avoid accidents. Thousands of test hours in different conditions have proven reliability of the technical solutions utilized in the construction of Volume’s warehouses.

The storage systems can be configured and adapted to the size and shape of your existing buildings. The already installed Volume system can be individually extended in width, length and height at any time. For example, L- and U-shaped systems can be implemented.



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