Retail & Wholesale

Wholesale and retail warehouse

Success in the wholesale and retail trade requires product ranges that are tailored precisely to the target group. However, it also depends to a large extent on the logistics that operate behind the product presentation, because practically nothing works without them. A highly efficient wholesale or retail warehouse is indispensable for this nowadays. Would you like to optimize these processes in order to secure your competitiveness in the long term? Automation is a solution approach with a lot of benefits.
Tailor-made multi- or omnichannel concepts that are geared to both the requirements of e-commerce and those of bricks-and-mortar retail are a must today. In order to meet the demands for ever shorter delivery times, a high level of merchandise availability must be ensured - even with growing and changing product ranges. The wholesale and retail warehouse must be designed for this. This applies not only to smaller items such as fashion and accessories, books, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and drugstore products, but also to larger products, for example from the multimedia and DIJ hardware store assortment.
Volume DIVE

The fully automated storage and picking system for maximum performance.

Volume DIVE marks a new era in warehousing and picking, bundling your standardized fulfillment processes into a hyper-efficient logistics hub. The wholesale and retail warehouse also benefits optimally from this.

Additional benefits
Volume WAVE

The lightning-fast, ultra-compact pallet shuttle warehouse for wholesalers, retailers and online merchants.

Volume WAVE combines the compactness of channel warehouses with the flexibility of shuttle warehouses and significantly increases the throughput of large-volume palletized goods.

Additional benefits