Food warehouse automation – Storage technology reinvented

Life in the big cities is subject to a pace of its own. People have less and less time, and demands on product range selection, service and delivery speed are increasing. And with it the demands on food warehouse automation. At the same time, fresh products must be available in the required quality. Our food warehouse automation system offers enormous opportunities here to ensure not only high delivery reliability but also end-to-end traceability and to reduce costs.
Every day, supermarkets and discounters face the challenge of providing a wide range of goods in an efficient manner. New quick commerce concepts, which are being accepted by consumers with growing enthusiasm, are placing even greater demands on food warehouse automation. With delivery promises of up to 15 minutes maximum, delivery services have redefined the on-demand world. Conventional food storage technology characterized by manual processes cannot cope with this in the long term and jeopardize competitiveness.
Volume DIVE

The fully automated storage and picking system for maximum performance

Volume DIVE marks a new era in warehousing and picking and is a reliable, highly efficient hub of solid supply chains that ensure a secure supply of food and beverages.

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