E-commerce warehouse of the next generation

It was not only the pandemic that made it clear how great the importance of online commerce via companies is. This primarily concerns the B2C sector. But there is also a growing trend in B2B business to increasingly exploit the potential of this sales channel. How well is your e-commerce warehouse prepared for this? Reorganization is one option - automation the central key
Online retailing has been booming for years and has received another boost from the pandemic. A new purchasing reality has emerged in which suppliers must rethink their warehousing and distribution processes and adapt them accordingly. No matter how good the product and how attractive the price - if delivery promises are not kept, the customer is far away from the next click on the shopping basket. This is not the only reason why the demands on e-commerce warehouses are constantly increasing. Quick Commerce is also establishing a new business model. The promise of delivering goods in just ten to 15 minutes brings with it another set of logistical challenges, which can only be fulfilled with a perfectly dedicated e-commerce warehouse.
Volume DIVE

The fully automated storage and picking system for maximum performance.

Volume DIVE marks a new era in storage and picking, transforming any urban space into a hyper-efficient logistics hub, also your e-commerce warehouse.

Additional benefits
Volume WAVE

The lightning-fast, ultra-compact pallet shuttle warehouse for your e-commerce business.

Volume WAVE combines the compactness of channel warehouses with the flexibility of shuttle warehouses and significantly increases pallet handling throughput.

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